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15 October 2015

So called immature..


Since 2010 I post my story, my pictures, share my memories and just in the blink of an eye I deleted all my post and deactivated my blog just because of broken heart kononnya. Aduiii...

Almost a year I didnt post anything and not thinking about my blog until today I realize just how much I love my blog.. Just how much I love to share all my happiness and sadness with others.

But impossible for me to restore back all my old post and those memories. Also i actually dunno whether can or not for me to restore the old blog..(mengaku rabun IT)..kehkeh..  I'm so frustrated right now.

One thing I learned was.. dun act stupid and childish. hahaha.. Just because putus cinta kononnya terus pegi delete.. xda kaitan langsung. Alahai hati.

Time tu pikiran ngak matured lagi. Jiwa rapuh kata ko..haha..

ok stop dlu. Ada kejo nk kena continue.

Till then. GTG.


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